Deliver healthcare better, together.

Powerful collaboration and integration for healthcare teams.

Be an A team.

Customizable WorkflowCodify your current manual workflow and augment it with known best practices.

Enter health data once. Period.

Seamless IntegrationAvoid errors and delays caused by manual re-keying of health data into your various systems.

Know how you are doing.

Actionable AnalyticsAnalyze your business processes or aggregate patient data to guide continuous improvement.

Meaningful Integration

Share data with your current provider network, now...

Excira's doctor and patient portals get health data where it needs to be securely, reliably, in an easy to use cloud hosted, web interface.

Idea to Awesome

Got Vision?

We can help with Lean customer development and Agile product development.

Customer Validation

We'll work with you to define and validate market assumptions related to a specific healthcare IT project or vision.

Minimal Viable Product Design

Let's build a series of Minimum Viable Products to learn about the market and see what it takes to get traction and dedicated users.

Tech Partners

For projects with sufficient customer validation we may be able to function as a "Tech Partner" and defer a portion of our fee until a sale is made or additional investors enter the project.